De Oude Weg
Logistical and other Requirements
Implementing a wide area CCTV network will take a few steps.
Initially we will need to determine locations to be monitored. Once we have determined locations, we will need to do a site survey for wifi.
As the network will be spread around a large area, we will need to use a wireless network. This will be a "private" network solely for CCTV use. ICASA and City of Cape Town regulations require us to use equipment that has an ICASA type approval (i.e. is legally ok to use).
Each identified location will have a point to point wifi router (ICASA certified) that will connect/ be pointed at a central location or relay point. Typically one would use a high site (a wifi router located somewhere high up) that other routers can see. As the network may involve going around corners, we will probably also need relay points too.
Once we have an idea of where things need to be located, we can proceed to the physical side of things, which will involve installing poles, and running power to sites.
Each monitoring site will require
  • Power
  • Mounting Poles
  • Wifi Links to transmit data
  • Camera(s)
Our central monitoring will need.
  • Power
  • Basic Computer system with sufficient storage.
  • Recording or someone watching the feed's (if we want live monitoring)
  • Some sort of internet connection (if we plan on providing external access).
Optional items that could be added depending on funds
  • LPR (Licence plate recognition)
  • Communal area wifi
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