De Oude Weg
Equipment mounted on poles will require power.
We can either use mains power, or power over ethernet (PoE).
If we use mains power we also need to comply with Eskom regulations. PoE may be an easier alternative.
Either way, this can be pulled from nearby council infrastructure (with appropriate permission), or run from a nearby house.
Another (much more expensive option) is to use a solar panels + batteries.
We will need to investigate the easiest way to approach this for each location.

Equipment Power Requirements

Equipment power requirements are fairly modest.
  • Wifi will use roughly 5-8W an hour.
  • Camera's will use between 5-15W an hour.
At an average usage of say 20W an hour, it will take roughly 50hours to use 1KW, or 1 unit of electricity.
To make calculations easier, rounded up pricing for electricity per KW (unit) is R2.
R2 for 50hrs = R1 for 25hrs, so close to R1 a day, or roughly R30 for a month (per location).