De Oude Weg
Mounting Poles
In order for camera's and other equipment to be useful, they will need to be mounted high up.
This is usually done on a metal or wooden pole, typically in the 3 meter height range to deter theft.
Poles have to be less than 4 meters in height in order to comply with city regulations (essentially they cannot be within potential reach of power cables).
Poles can be mounted in either public or private property if permission is applied for.
We will need to run or power to our poles in order to power the wifi and camera's.
We should be able to use PoE (Power over Ethernet) to supply both the wifi router, and the camera's with power. This is easier, as low power installations don't incur the same requirements that mains run's do.

Public property

If our registration for CCTV with Cape Town is successful, we can apply to utilize their existing poles, and utilize council public area's.
There is also the option of Cape Town subsidizing the power requirements for each location on their property (roughly R30 a month at R2/KW per location)
Excerpted from the CCTV regulations:
2.5. If there is benefit of a private and external CCTV camera to the Metro Police CCTV Department, the City of Cape Town will subsidize the monthly electricity usage for each individual third party camera.
2.6. The City may consider the possibility of paying, in full, or part thereof, the installation fees for City approved Special Rating Areas, Community based Organisations (registered with the Sub Council / City of Cape Town), Neighbourhood Watches and Community Police Forums (registered with the Provincial Dept. of Community Safety), of the actual cost involved to install a pole for one or more cameras, including the electrical connection to such pole (or on any other existing City owned infrastructure),as well as the monthly electrical tariff, upon considering a written submission made by such entity, which will include proof of funding limitations suffered by such entity or any other relevant factor which the City could consider. The City may consider installing additional poles for the sole purpose of CCTV surveillance if there is no existing City pole that can be used, as per 2.5.

Private Property

Another option is to install poles on private property (with the permission of the land owner). This may make sense for Cape Canalis or other larger area's within our remit.


We probably can talk to local suppliers like Valley Steel for hardware, as they supply Steel and custom brackets etc.
Valley Steel 021-785-3947