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Solole Redevelopment Info
Last updated May 8 2021.

Redevelopment Plans

Cape Town City Council has plans to add low cost housing for 409 houses in the old "Solole" / New Fire Station area in between Capri and De Oude Weg in Ward 69 on Wood Road. This will be supplemented by additional access roads into Masiphumele running through our area. A draft report was recently submitted to council with the proposals in late March / early April 2021. The new planned development additions are marked in grey below. New roads are marked in black. Green shows a new planned route to the mountain reserve from Masi.
Planned additions
The housing plans consist of: - 323 Community Residential Units (CRU) - aka Council Flats. - 86 Breaking New Ground (BNG) - aka starter housing. - Additional roads to link through the De Oude Weg Area through to Capri and Masi (in black above) Budgeted amounts are below; as well as additional detail
Budget allocation for housing in Solole
Solole Specific Plans
Solole Specific Plans

What can we do?

Comments on the SDF (Spatial Development Framework) plans can and should be made here - https://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Have-your-say/Issues-open-for-public-comment/district-spatial-development-framework-review or https://www.capetown.gov.za/haveyoursay Alternately send an email to: [email protected] Use the subject line - "Comments on Masiphumelele and Environs LSDF Draft March 2021" (If you click the email link above, it should automagically add that in your email software.) Comments on the Masiphumelele and Environs LSDF Draft 2201 must be in with the city by the 31st May 2021. Remember to include your full name and address, and contact number (and ERF number if you know it offhand) with the submission comments. The proposed additions will have a number of implications for our area. Some suggested concerns to use in comments on the SDF are below -
  • Fire Safety :: The fire station was planned to be a replacement for Fish Hoek fire station, placed in a suitable location for Masi - where regular fires occur. Reducing footprint means that proposed expansion will not be feasible and have implications for fire safety.
  • Taxi throughfare :: Taxi's will use the area as a rat run to avoid traffic on Kommetjie road.
  • Public Safety :: Rioting is already a regular occurence. Having Masi on both sides of Kommetjie Road will make road closures and safety in both Capri and De Oude Weg a real concern.
  • Personal Safety :: Crime will increase dramatically.
  • Property Devaluation :: Property values will plummet. (Note that the council has traditionally had little regard for this as a concern)
  • The evidence that additional BNG or site & service housing provision results in yet further backyard subletting and over-crowding etc. (cited in the Masi SDF PDF Page 35). The plan to move existing squatters from the proposed Hoemoed extension will mean more squatters in new locations - like Solole.
  • Defacing of public areas with the littering that escalated beyond being manageable. The current road area littering extends to Capri entrance, opening this side will have a huge negative impact.
  • Squatters / vagrants - the roadside area continually has squatter and drug issues that will be exacerbated by this proposed addition. This is already a major concern that has been repeatedly reported to council.
  • Infrastructure is already insufficient for additional housing. Electrical infrastructure is insufficient for additional housing, especially if Hoemoed extension is in place, and Masiphumele additional housing is implemented.
  • Traffic concerns - traffic on Kommetjie road is at a standstill as it is, and the recent road work is already completely insufficient for the traffic volume. The council is well aware of this. Traffic in the mornings is regularly backed up. At a minimum the main road needs to be increased to a 4 lane through to Imhoff, not the current 2 lane update that is planned.
  • Green space. The area in question currently acts as a green lung for the area. A number of birds, and other wildlife inhabit the area.
We have until May 31st 2021 to make our voices heard.

Who else can I contact about this?

https://www.facebook.com/felicity.purchase Our Councillor for Ward 69 is Felicity Purchase.
https://www.sunnydaleratepayers.co.za The Sunnydale Ratepayers association (our area contacts with Council).
https://www.capriwatch.co.za Capri Neighbourhood Watch Given both our area's will be affected, I suggest that we co-ordinate with Capri to pose a united front against this proposed development.
https://www.neag.org.za Noordhoek Environmental Action Group. So far they have been successful in holding back development efforts on Hoemoed Road. While not strictly related, their assistance would be useful.

Other contacts

ERF numbers for easy reference

The PDF document references a number of area's that will be upgraded. A scan of the ERF numbers for our area is below for reference purposes.
ERF Numbers

Council Spatial Development Plan PDF

A backup copy of the councils LSDF (Local Spacial Development Plan) for Masi has also been made here -
1617879821328_Masiphumelele_DraftLSDF_Draft (1).pdf
Council Plans for Masi extension

SRA 5th May 2021 Briefing PDF

The SRA (Sunnydale Ratepayers Association) held a zoom meeting for affected residents on the 5th May 2021 to go over the Masiphumelele LSDF proposal, and alderman Felicity Purchase (our Ward Councillor) was present to answer questions. The PDF of the SRA presentation is attached below; and details the SRA objections to the LSDF plan.
Masiphumelele Environs SDF SRA Briefing 20210505 #1.pdf
Contact details for the SRA - www.sunnydaleratepayers.co.za https://www.facebook.com/SunnydaleRatepayersResidenceAssociationsra/ It is well worth joining the SRA in order to be kept in touch with updates in our communities. Membership is quite reasonable, and paid yearly.

SRA Zoom Meeting 5th May 2021